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1 of a vfiible Church of Chri 123 down to his Beard, andfrom thence to the Skirts bf his Gar= meats. Pfal. cxxxiii. t. 7. Confider, Church - Members are Brethren, there is a fpiritual Brotherhood as well as a natural one; they are called Saints and faithful Brethren. Col. i. z. The Church that were at Antioch were called Brethren. Ads xv. 1, This fhould be a Motive to enforce our endeavour after Peace. This was the Argument 211eyes ufed, when he found two Ij'at/itcs ftriving together, Sirs, why do you wrong one to another? ye are Brethren. This was the Ar. gument Abraham ufed to procure and maintain Peace,whert there had been a Breach between Lot's Herds -men and his: Gen. xiii. 8. A.nd Abraham jaid unto Lot, Let there he no Strife, I pray thee, between thee and me, and hetween try Yards -Wren and mine ; for We are Brethren. 8. That God whom we ferve, and whole Church we profefs ourfelves to be, is the God of Peace ; and fo he is failed in the Word; t Th jf v. t 3. he is called the very God of Peace. (1.) He is the God of Peace, in that heir at Peace with: his People ; they have Peace with him through Chri., Roan. v. t, Therefore being jujiified by Faith (ghat is, by Chrift, Faith being taken objeaively for the Word, therefore is relative to the lait Verfe of the preceding Chapter).cw have Peace with God through our Lord Ye* Uri , who Lath made Peace through the Blood of his C'rof . (2.) He is the God of Peace, in that it is he that gives us inward and fpiritual Peace, to enjoy that Peace fo often prayed for in Paul's Epiftles, particularly, Rom. xv., 13,. Now the God of Hope fttl you with all Toy and Peace in l e- lìeving. It is he that gives that Peace that pafièth Under.- ftanding. (3.) Fie is the God of Peace, as he enjoirrs you to be at Peace among yourfelves, as he gives Rules for the obtain- ing and preferving of Peace. (4..) He is the God of Peace, in that he is the Author of Peace: t Cor. xi v. 33. For God is not the Author of Con fie- lion, but of Peace as in. all Churches of the Saints. g. Confider, Jefus Chriil is the Prince of Peace, that L 7, is