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t 9 , A A D I S C O U R S E C O N C E R N I N G CHUR.CH- GOVERNME N T. C H A P. 1. Containing the 'various llcceptationi of the Word C x v R e H. rr HE word CHURCH is varioufly taken in Scripture. Firfl, By the wordChurch we are to under &and, the univerfal invifible Church, which contifis of all the eleE of God, that ever were, are, or (hall be in this World. Eph. V. 25. Hufbands love your Wives, as Chrifl loved the Church, and gave hirnfe f for it, that he might fan8ify and cleanfe it, with the wafhing of Water by the Word, &c. They were his Church antecedent to their Sanétification, they were united to him, they were Mem- bers of his Body, of his Flefh, and of his Bones ; ver. 3o. and there lay the great Myftery that the Apoftlewas hand- ling of, in !hewing the Union that was between a Man and his Wife ; they who were really and perfonally two, were relatively one. He faith, Thu is a great Myflery; but I fpeak concerning Chrß and the Church. And it remains a great Myftery to many of the People of God to this Day, That all the Elea of God, many of whom are not yet brought