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The If f itutron and Government brought forth, Mould be confidered as the Church, and fo clofely united to Chrift: It is fuch a Myftery, that they cannot reach it, though the Scripture be plain and pofitive in this Matter : Ephef. i. to. t bat in the Difpenfation of the Fulnefs of Times he might gather together in one, all I pings, both qvhich are in Heaven and in Earth, in him, even in Chrifl 7efus. This Difpenfation was when he took our Nature on him ; then was the fulnefs of Time, Gal. iv. 4. He recon- ciled Jew and Gentile unto God in one Body (that is, all the Ele& both of Jews and Gentiles) Eph, ii, 16. Now Jew and Gentile were neverone Body politick, therefore it mutt be one Body myftical, which could be no other way but by Union with him who was the myflical Head. He abo- h u ed the Enmity, &c. to make to himfeif, of twain, one new Man, fo making peace. This Peace was made by the Blood of the Crofs, and then were they made one new Man in Chrift ; he was the Head, and they the Body, Col, i. 18. And he is the Head of the Body, the Church : This is the myflical Body, and it is from this Head that they receive Spirit and Life, and Motion. Eph. i. 22, 23. .find gave him to le Head over all `Things to the Church, the fulnefs of him that fillet hall in all. Inall thefe Places is to be underftood the Elea, which is the univerfal invifible Church. It is fuch a Church as Chrift loved and died for, antecedent to their Sanctification ; and it comprehends in it all that Chrill loved and gave himfelf for, therefore it comprehends in it all the Elect of God. Paul was one of thefe long before his Converfion ; he faith, He loved me and gave himfeif for stte. Firf, By the Church fometimes is underflood the uni- verfal vifible Church, which is made up of all Believee.s in the World, fuch as are called out of the World by the Word to embrace jefus Chrift: Eph. iii. 21. To him be Glory in the Church throughout all Ages. I cannot reftrain this to any particular Church, but mull take it of the univerfal vifible Church, which !hall continue throughout all Ages, when a particular Church !hall be removed or may be re- moved. t Cor, x. 32. Give no Offence to the Yew, nor to the Gentile, nor to the Church of God. I fee no reafon why Jew and Gentile here fhould be taken univerfally, and the Church