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14. The Inßitution and Government ple for his Name, lames fpeaks and tells them, that to this agrees the Words of the Prophet, After this will I return and build again the Tabernacle. of David, which was fallen down, and I will build again the Ruins thereof, and I will jet it up. The Tabernacle of David then fell, when the National Church of the 'Yews was demorifhed ; and it was built again when the Gentiles were embodied into aChurch- State. That the Gentiles, about whom there was this great Conteft, were embodied into a Church - State, is evident, ver. 3. and being brought on their Way by the Church, ú'c. Rev. xiii. 6. And he opened his Mouth in Blafphemy againfi G d, to blafrheme his Name and his Tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven. zly, The Temple, that alto was a Type of a Gofpel- Church, I mean of an inítituted Church. Fill!, Such à Church was prophefied of under the Name of the Temple, Ezek. xl. and fo onward : The Temple that was there meafured was a Gofpel- Temple. z Cor. vi. i6. What Agreement bath the Temple of God with Idols? for ye are the Temple of the living God : Ye, the Church of Corinth, to whom he wrote this Epiftle. Rev. xi. 1. And there was given me a Reed like unto a Rod : and the Angel laid, Arife, ,neafure the Temple, and the Altar, and them that worJhip therein. There was no Temple in john's Time, that could have the meafuring Rod of the Word laid over it, but a Cofpel-Temple, which is no other but a Gofpel - initituted Church. Now if the Tabernacle and the Temple were Types of an initituted Church, there mutt be fome Refem- blance between the Types and the Antitype. The euef- tion then is, In what Refpeéts both thefe did referable a Gofpel- initituted Church ? I anfwer, Firfl, In Refpe& of the Matter. Secondly, In Refped of the Form. But at prefent I fhail fpeak only to the Matter, and then to the Form under the fecund Head. The Matter of the Tabernacle, and alfo of the Temple was prepared Matter, which was made fit for its Place be- fore it was joined. As for the Tabernacle, Moles was ad- monifhed of God to fee to it, that all, Things were made according to the Pattern that he had (hewed him in the Mount, and accordingly he did ; Exod, xxxix. 43. IVI And