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of a vifible Church of Chrj/?. r3 only be pure in its firft Conflitution, but they mull alto keep themfelves pure ; and the Power by which this mutt be done muff refide in themfelves : There is no foreign Power that can aEt judicially in an inftituted Church ; the moll that they can do is by way of brotherly Advice. When Perlons are embodied together, it is poffible there may be one that offends, and likewife one to whom the Offence may be known : He muff tell him his Fault in private ; if he do not hear him, he muff take two or three with him Here are three at leali ; and if he do not hear them, he mull tell it to the Church. Now it is not likely that the Offender, that was to be dealt with by a greater Number the fecond Time than he was at the firft, fhould in the third Place he dealt with by alefferNumber, or by aNum- ber equal to thofe that dealt with him in the fecond Place, feeing it is now come to the Decifion of the Matter. I can - not think there can be lefs than feven or eight to keep the Body pure in Cafe of Offence. Secondly, The Matter of a vifible Church mull be vifible Saints. This I (hall prove, Firft, Typically. Secondly, Pro- phetically: and Thirdly, Hifloricaliy. (1.) Typically. There are two Types I do apprehend, that did eminently, point at a Gofpel- inftituted Church, V. The Tabernacle. sly. The Temple. IA The Tabernacle. I fuppofe by the Tabernacle an inftituted Church is often intended. I cannot but think that David had anEye to Gofpel- Churches, Pfalm lxxxiv. i . When he cries out, How amiable are thy Tabernacles, O Lord God of Hofts ! Tabernacles in the plural Number. There was but one Tabernacle in the Time of the Law. So .Pfal. xv. 1. Who íhall dwell in thy Tabernacle, and who ./hall abide in thy Holy Hill? The Q2alifications of the -Subjeet after - mentioned, to wit, walking uprightly, work- ing Righteoufnefs, and fpeaking the Truth from theHeart, thew it to be a Gofpel- Church, there being no fuch Pre- qualifications prefcribed unto the Jews. When the Con - tell was concerning the Gentiles, whether they fhould be circumcifed, Afts xv. after Simeon had declared, how God at the firil did vifit the Gentiles, to take out of them a Peo- B plc