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6 The Inflitutïon and Government declaredhisMind in it in Words at length, Excel. xxiii. 17. All thy Males 'hall appear before Me three Times a Year; that was at the three Feaifs, as appears in the preceding Verfes. Had the Qeftion been put with Refpeet to that Difpen- fation, it would have reduced the Congregation of Ifrael to a fmall Number, there being fomany among them that had neither clean Hands nor pureHearts; and would alto have made void the lnftitution of God, that had appointed all their Males to appear before him three Times a Year. (3.) I (hall prove it Hiftorically, that the Matter of thofe Churches, that were conftituted in the Apoftles Times, were vifible Saints. i Cor. i. I. Unto the Church of God that is at Corinth, fanflied in Chri l 7efus, called to be Saints. Philip. i. r. To all the Saints at Philippi, with the Bifops and Deacons. i Cor. xiv. 33. For God is the , u- thor of Peace and net of Confufion, as in all Churches of the Saints. Now this Sanctity confifis in inherent Holinefs, in the Judgment of Charity, and not in that which fume call federal Holinefs. 2 Theff. i. 3. Your Faith gro'weth exceeditsgly, and the Love of every one of you all aboundetb. This is inherent Holinefs : Phil. i. 5. I am perfuaded of you, my Brethren, that he that hath begun a good Work inyou, will not ceafe to perfefl it to the coining of Chrifl, as it is meet for me to think JO, of you all. Charity thinks them to be what they profefs themfelves to be, while Life and Lip go together. Thofe that were added to the Church, Alts were fach as gladly received the Word, and were bap- tized. Thirdly, Thefe vifible Saints muff be joined together by mutual Confent and Agreement, before they can have the Denomination of an inflituted Church. This I (hall prove the fame Way as I did the Former. i. Typically. The Matter that was prepared by Mofes was not the Ta- bernacle, till it was joined together : Exod. xxvi. 3, 4, 5, 6. There muff be Loops and Tacks made in the Edges of the Curtains, and Moles muff couple them together, that it might become one Tabernacle. So the Temple : The Stones and the Timber were not the Temple, till they were joined together, and every Piece put into its proper Place. A Houfe muff confiit of Matter and Form, and it receives