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of a vifible` Church of Chri/1. 17 receives its Denomination from its Form. t Kings vi. 7. The Houle, when it was in Building, czaas built of Stone made ready before it was brought thither: So that there was neither Hammer nor Ax, nor any Tool of Iron heard while the Hot fé was in Building. Now as it was no Tabernacle, no Tem- ple, till the Materials were joined together : So vifible Saints make not an inftituted Church, till they are joined together by mutual Confent: They muff be builded to- gether a fpiritual Houfe, as Peter fpeaks, to offer up fpi- ritual Sacrifices acceptable to God by Jefus Chrift. z. I !hall prove it Prophetically, Ifa. lxii. 4, 5. It is a Prophefy refpe1ing the Times of the Gofpel. Ver. 2. And the Gentiles fhallfee thy Righteou/nefs, and all Kings thy Glory. Ver. 4. Thou !halt no more be termed defolate and forfaken, for thy Land /hall be married. Ver. 5. As a young Man, marrieth a Virgin, fo (hall thy Sons marry thee. In all Mar riages there is a mutual Compaét and Agreement. 3. I fhall prove it Hiftorically, that this was the Man:.. ner of embodying, and alto of receiving Additions, wheii embodied. (i) They were builded or joined together. Eph. ii. zi, zz. The Aponte fpeaks here to the Church of Ephe- fits, and tells them, that they were bitht upon the Prophets and Apofles, 7efus Chrift the chief Corner Stone, in 'Whom all the Buildingfitly framed together, groweth to a holy Tem- ple in the Lord, in whom alto ye are budded together for an Habitation of God through the Spirit : Ye, the particular Church of the Ephefians, to whom he wrevte this Epistle. 1 Pet. ii. 5. To 'whom coming, as to a living Stone, are built up a fpiritual Hot/, to e'er up ;/piritual Sacrifices acceptable unto God by Chrift. This Building was not forced, but voluntary ; they came freely unto Christ, that is the Foundation. Stone, and did by Agreement join to- gether; for two cannot Walk together to pu.rfue the fame End, except they are agreed. They were not born. Church Members : For they firft came to Chriil, before they were built up a fpiritual Floufe : They were lively Stones before they were put into the Building, therefore they muff be formed by Force ror Content ;. but there was B3,