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of a vifible Church of Chriff. 19 etb unto Men to edification. Ver. 12. Seek that you may excel to the Edifying of the Church. Ver. 26. La all Things be done to Edification. C H A P. III. Containing fonte Scriptures and Reafons to prove that ,vifible Suints are the only meet Matter to be added to an inßituted Church of Chriß. IF an inftituted Church confifts of vifible Saints, then fuch only are meet Matter to be added thereunto. This I !1ìa11 prove, Firic by Scripture ; and Secondly, I. !hall offer fame Reafons for it. Firfi, I !hall proveitby Scripture. Pfal. xv. t. Whof'all abide in thy Tabernacle ? and who (hall dwellin thy holy Hill? He that Walketh uprightly, that loth Righteoufnefs, that f eak. eth the Truth from his Heart, &c. Pfal. xxiv. 3. Who fhall afcend into the Hill of God, and who (hall Rand in his holy. Place ? He that Walketh uprightly, or he that bath clean Hands and a pure Heart, &c. Aas ii. 41. Then they that gladly re- ceived the Word were baptized, and the fame Day there were added unto them (that is, the Church) about three thoufand Souls. Ver. 97. And the Lord added unto the Church Daily, fùch as fould be faved. Rev. xxii. 14. Bleed are they that keep his Commandments, that they may have Right to the Tree of Life (that is, by Way of Demonftration)andmay enter in by the Gate into the City. By the City here I underhand an inítitutedChurch, for his not the Churchtriumphant; and it is fuch a City, that a Perfon mull be duly Q.Ealified be- fore he can be a free Citizen, or can challenge a Right there. Objeí'. But forne may fay, Mufi thefe vifible Saints Le really Euch, or fach only in Appearance ? To this I have a few Things to Reply. I. None but fuch as are fincere, fuch as are indeed Be. lievers, have any Right or Title to a Place in God's Houfe. Fir. They have no Right to be baptized, which is a step antecedent to Church - Communion : Ads viii. 36. See here is Water, What f culdbinder me that I may not be baptized ? The r