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38 The Inßitution and Government no fuch Thing as Compulfion orImpofition amongChrifii- ans in the primitive Times. (z) This was the Manner of receiving Members after Churches were embodied, therefore I conclude it was the Manner of their Embodying, _Ifts y. 13. find of the Ref/ dui fl no Man joinhimfelf to them (thatis, to the Church.) This thews that the joiningwas free and voluntary : None were forced into Communion, nor could any impofe them - felves upon the Church, but muff fatisfy the Church as to theirDifciplefhip, and be received by mutual Confent. Ads ix. 26. When Paul was come to Jerufalem, he a(fayed to join Hinfelf to the D:j iples: But they wereall afraidof Him, and would not believe that he was a D f iple, till there was Sa- tisfaction given by Barnabas ; and then he was received, and was with them going in and coming out. Fourthly, This Agreement, by which vifible Saints are Joined together, mutt be to worfhip God according to his own Appointment. t. It mutt be to worfhip God: t Pet. 2. 5. clbe Endof their being built up a fpiritual Houfe is to e'er up f iritual Sacrifices. z. This Worship muff be of Divine Appointment John iv. 24. God is a Spirit, and they that Wcrfhip him muß Wor- fhip in Spirit and in Truth. In Spirit, to Oppofition to Formality of outfide Service; and in Truth, in Oppofi- tiork to human Inventions. Now that only is Worfhip in Truth, that is ruled by the Word of Truth, both in i.e- fpeF,'t of Matter and Form. Such Worfhip did the Church offer to God. Acts iï. 2. 42. They continued in the l4poßles Dot?rine and Fellcwjhip, and breaking of Bread and Prayer, all Ordinances of Divine Appointment. Fifthly, It muff be to the Honour of God through Chriff. This is the higheft End of Church - Communion : This is the higheft End of God, his own Glory ; and that which is his highest End, fhould be ours. Whether ye Eat or Drink, or whatlaeverye do, do alto the Glory of God, ¡Cor. x. 31. Sixthly, The fubordinate End of an inflituted Church, is the mutual Edification cf the Members thereof. t Cor. xiv. 31. re may all Pre; heft one ly one, that all may learn, and all may be corr forted. V er. 3. He that Praphefietb, /peak