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of a v fble Church of Chriii. 21 even in the Apoítles Times : There were Hypocrites receiv- ed both to Baptifm, and into a Church -State alto. Simon Magus was baptized ; ílnanias and Sapphira were Church- Members, outwardly joined to them ; there were foolifh Virgins, as well as wife, outwardly walking in Communion together, Mat. xxv. But care fhould be taken, that if poiible none might be received, but fuch as are fin- cere. 2. I Ball offer Tome Reafons why fuch as are vifibie Saints are the only meet Matter to be joined to an inftitut- ed Church. The firft Reafon is. Becaufe it is the Will of God to have it fó. I apprehend that this Will of his is comprifed in the Commiflion, Mat. xxviii. 19. zo. Go difciple to me all Nations, baptizing them, &c. teaching them to obterve all Things rwhatfoever "'have commanded you. The Apostles, who well understood their Lord's Commiflion, and were never impeached of unfaithfulnefs, kept dole to the Order thereof: They firft difcipled, then baptized, and then ad- ded unto the Church, Jar 1. 41. Here were all the twelve Apoftles together when this was done, and I doubt not but they acted jointly in this method. The Order of a Commiflion muff be obferved as well as the Matter, every thing muff ftand in its proper Place; Men muff not firft baptize and add to the Church, and then try whether they can difciple them or no; there is no Commiflion for fuch a PraEtice. The firft Thing that is to be obferved in the Commiffion, is, to difciple to Chriff; and till that be done, Perfons are not fit to be baptized, nor yet to be added to the Church. A fecond Reafon is, Becaufe they are fuch only that are added by the Lord. flRs ii. 47. "Ind the Lord added to the Church daily fuch as fhould be faved: That is, fuch as were fancbfled. We can no otherwife argue the Salvation of a Per fon, than as it is the confequence of his Sandifi- cation. You never read that any are added by the Lord, but fuch as fhould be faved : There were added by the Lord's Prefcription, Pfal. xxiv. 3. As for others, the A- poftle tells you, 7ude 4. That they crept in unawares : liad they been aware of it, they would have prevented it And