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,2 2 The In i tution and Government And Paul fpeaks of certain falfe Brethren that were brought in unawares, that came privily to fpy out their Liberty. Gal. ii. 4. A third Reafon is, Becaufe fuch only are fuitable Matter' to the Foundation -hone, and alfo to theSuperftru&ture that ìs already railed upon it. The Foundation -Stone is a living Stone, the Superhrulure are lively Stones ; therefore they are lively Stones that mull be added. Living Stones and dead Stones are not fuitable, how can thefe cement to- gether ? The Houfe is a fpiritual Houfe, and it is fpiritual Matter that must be added to it, by which it is en- larged. There was not one Stone put into the Temple of old, but was prepared before it was brought in Place, I Kings Vi. 7. So mull the Stones of this fpiritual Temple be prepared before they are put into the Building. A fourth Reafon is, becaufe an inilituted Church is the Houle of God, the Place where God is laid to dwell. Pfal. cxxxii. 13, 14. For the Lord bath chcfen Sion, he bath defired it for an Habitation ; there will I dwell for ever, for I have a delight in it. Eph. ii. zz. In whom alfo ye are budded to- gether for an Habitation of God through the Spirit. Now Holinefs becomes his Houfe for ever, and the Place where ,his Honour dwelleth. A fifth Reafon is, Becaufe fuch only are capable of an- fwering the End of Church - Communion, which is to offer up fpiritual Sacrifices acceptable to God through Jefus Chrift. A carnal Perfon cannot offer a fpiritual Sacrifice. The true Worshippers are fuch as worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. yohn iv. zq.. And they are fuch Wor- íhippers that the Father feeketh for. God doth not feek for falfe Worfhippers in a Church -hate : They are true Worfhippers that Churches should endeavour to receive into their Communion, becaufe they are fuch that the Father feeketh for. A sixth Reafon is, Becaufe that Perlons that do discover themfelves to the contrary, after they be received, muff be caft out. This is a Reafon by Way of Demonftration. If they may not be continued in the Church after they are difcovered to be wicked, then they may not be received while they appear to be fuch : But they may not be con- tinued