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of a vifible Chz:rch of Chri/f. 23 tinued'in the Church after they are difcovered to be wicked; therefore they may not be received while they appear to be fuch. t Cor. v. 53. Wherefore put awayfrom among you that wicked Perf n. All Leven mull be purged out of the Church. Immortalities and Heresies render Perlons liable to be re- jedled, if perfifted in ; and if inch may not be continued when discovered, than by a parity ofReafon, they may not be received in by the Church, being known to be fuch antecedent thereunto. C H A P. IV. Containing fame Arguments, by which it appears, that fueh are mil aken that look on Children to be Church Members, =while in an Infant State. IF an inflituted Church confifl of vifible Saints, fuch as in the Judgment of Charity are fincere, then fuch are greatly mistaken that do look on Children to be Members of an inflituted Church of Chrifl, whilil in an Infant State. This I shall demonftrate in a few Particulars. Firs, If Children are Church - Members in an Infant State, either they are born fuch, or elfe there is fome vifi- ble Way of Divine Appointment by which they are made fuch : But they are not born fuch, neither is there any vifible Way of Divine Appointment by which they are made fuch ; therefore there is no fuch thing as Childrens Church - memberfhip in an Infant State. I. There is no vifible Way of Divine Appointment, by which Children may be made Members while in an Infant State. If there be any fuch vifible Way, it rands on Re-. cord in the Word : But there is no fuch vifible Way fland- ing on Record in the Word : therefore there is none at all. If there were any fuch vifible Way ftanding on Record in the Word, force one or other would be able to produce it ; but there is no Perfon able to produce it, therefore there is no fuch thing on Record in the Word. 2. They