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cf a v fble Church of Chrifl. 25 2. When Ire believes he mull be baptized before he cant regularly be received a Member ; and for this there is both Precept and Precedent alto. Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. Go dif- eiple to me all Nations, baptizing them, &c. teaching them to obferve all Things whatfoever I have commandedyou, &c. As the Word (them) in the 19th Verfe is relative to all Nations difcipled : So the Word (them) in the aoth Verfe is re- lative to all Nations difcipled and baptized. A famous Precedent of this orderly Procedure we have, .REts ii. 45. 'Then they that gladly received the Word were baptized : And the fame Day there were added unto them about three thoufand Souls : Firft difcipled, then baptized, then added unto the Church. Now if Faith make not the Parent a Member of this nor that particular inftituted Church, then it makes not his Child a Member : But it makes not the Parent a Member, therefore not the Child. I would but afk what particular inftituted Church the Child Rands a Member of, whofe Parent Rands a Member cf none ? Whether the Child be a Member of this or that particular Church, whofe believing Parent is not a Member of this or that ? Object. But fome may fay, That under the legal Difpen- fation, the Children of Believers were born Church Members, and were circumcifed the eighth Day. Why may not the Chil- dren of Believers be bern Church Members now, and be bap- tized as well as then they were circumcifed? I anfwer firft, That Children were born Church Mein:- bers under that Difpenfation, is granted ; that they were the Children of Believers, confidered as fuch, that were fo born, is denied. They were the Children of the yews that were fo born, confidered as filch, among whom there were many that did not believe. John x. z6. Ye believe not, `N, becaufe ye are not my Sheep, as Ilaid unto you. And yet their Children were fo born. Secondly, The Coaítitution of the Church is now altered from National to Congregational, the Matter of which are vifible Saints. Therefore Children are not born Church Members, becaufe they are not born vifible Saints. The Church was National under the legal Difpenfation : All yudea, and all the Regions round about were but one Church. You never read of Churches in the plural C Number