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26 The Infditution and Government Number, till the Difpenfation was changed : There was then but one golden Candleftick, Zach. 4. z. but now there are golden Candlefticks in the plural Number, Rev. i. ult. The feven Churches in Afia were the feven Golden Candle - flicks : And there were Churches in yudea, where there was but one before, Gal. i, and Churches in Galatia. No- thing is more clear in the Word than this, that Churches are now Congregational, and that the Matter thereof are vifible Saints. z. The Laws of that Difpenfation are repealed, 1186. vii. io. The Priefthood being changed, there is made alto of Neceffity a change of the Law, Ver. 18. For there is verily a D (annulling of the Law, for the Weaknefs and Un- profitablenefs thereof; for the Law made nothing perfea (that is, the Levitical Law.) It is ridiculous to take our Mea- fores from the Laws of that Difpenfation, feeing they are all abrogated and made void. We may as well take our Meafures thence for Officers and for Ordinances, as for Church Members, and fo form a National Church again as that was. 3. There is a new Law given out, which is the Law of this new Difpenfation, Matt. xxviii. 19, zo. This new Law we are bound iIriEly to obferve in the Conftitution of Churches, the adding of Members, and the Adminiftration of Ordinances, in refpea of Matter and Form too. 4. When Children were circumcifed the eight Day, it was done by Divine Appointment, Gen. xvii. to, it, iz. there was an exprefs Command for it, All thy Male Chil- dren mull needs be circumci/ed. Shew me the like exprefs Command for the baptizing of Children, and I will con- tend no more about ir. S. When Children were circumcifed, they alto were ad- mitted unto the Paffover; Exod. xii. 4. A Lamb for a Ioz fe. Children that were circumcifed were a Part of the House. No Church Ordinance was denied to any Member, but Circumcifion, which was never appointed but for the Males only. Why then is not the Supper of the Lord pleaded for Children from the fame Example, as well as Baptifm ? 6. No Church Member under the new Difpenfation was ever debarred one Church Ordinance, unlefs by their dr -