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of a vifible Church of ChrjjY. 27 orderly walking they debarred themfelves. filets ii. 42. There were not more added to the Church (though there were three thoufand added) than continued in the Apoftles Doctrine and Fellowfhip, and breaking of Bread and Prayer. Let me then know the Reafon why Children Ihould be accounted Members, and not be admitted to the Ordinances of the Church. Secondly, If Children are not Members of the univerfal vifible Church, out of which a particular inftituted Church is gathered, then they are not Members of a particular inftituted Church : But they are not Members of the uni- verfal vifible Church ; therefore they are not Members of a particular inilrtúted Church. It is the Major only that needs proof, and for that fee Cor. xii. 13. By one Spirit are ye all baptized into one Body, and made to drink into one Spirit, whether Jew or Gentile. A yew that under the legal Difpenfation was born a Member of that National Church, which was an inftituted Church, under the new Difpenfation may not be looked on as a Member of the univerfal vifible Church, unlefs in the Judgment ofCharity he be new born. There is now no more Notice taken of a yew than of a Gentile, fence Chriil was offered up; z Cor. v. 56. Hencefcrth know we no Man after the Flefh. Birth Privi- leges with refpth to Church Memberfhip are utterly ceafed. Eph. iv. 4, There is one Body, even asye are calhd in one Hope ofyour Calling; one Faith, one Baptifrn, one Lord 7efus Chrift, one God and Father of all: and to every one of us is given Grace, according to the Meafure of the Spirit. The Limits of this one Body (which is the univerfal vifible Church) do not extend themfelves beyond fach as are called in one Hope of their Calling, nor beyond filch as in the Judg- ment of Charity are gracious ones, amongst which Chil- dren in an Infant State cannot be numbered. Thirdly, If Children in an Infant State are not meet Matter for an inftituted Church, then they are not Mem- bers of an inflituted Church: But Children in an Infant State, are not meet Matter for an inftituted Church ; there- fore they are not Members of an inftituted Church. It is the Minor only that needs proof, which I prove thus : (fa particular inftituted Church confifts only of vifible Saints, C z then