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of a vifible Church of Chrift. 29 is the Branch. No Body doth look on the Sanctification of the Unbeliever to be federal Holinefs. (z.) Not only the Children that were born after one of the Parents was a Believer, were holy ; but fuch alfo as were born when both were Unbelievers : He fpeaks of their Children indefinitely ; Elfe were your Children unclean, bzzt now are they holy. .¢ly. There is no fuch thing as federal Holinefs under the new Difpenfation ; for the Covenant by which they were called a holy People under the legal Difpenfation done away. TwoThings Iwould clear to you here. (r.) That it was a peculiar Covenant that lfrael was under, by virtue of which they were called a holy People: Pfal. 1. S. Gather my Saints together unto me, thofe that have made a Covenant with me by Sacrifice. That was the Covenant which was dedicated with the Blood of the Sacrifices, Exod. xxiv. 8. .IndMofes took the Blood, andfprinkled it upon all the People, and laid, Behold the Blood of the Covenant, which the Lord hath made with you concerning all theft Things. This was the firft Co- venant, a Covenant that was diftin&t from the Covenant of Grace and often in the Hebrew diftinguithed from the Covenant of Grace by this Name, the firft Covenant, when. the Covenant of Grace is called the fecond Covenant, Heb. viii. I fay, this was the firft Covenant, that was diftina from the Covenant of Grace. Heb. ix. 18, 19. Then verily the firft Covenant was not dedicated without Blood : for when Mofes had fpoken every Precept, he took the Blood' that was in the Bafon, and fprinkled the Book and all the People, and laid, Behold the Blood of the Covenant, &c. (2.) This firft Covenant that was made with all the Peo- ple is done away : Zach. xi. to. Then I took my Staj; even Beauty, and cut it afitnder, that I might break my Covenant that I had made with all the People, And it was broken in that Day ; that was when they weighed for his Price thirty Pieces of Silver. When the Covenant of Grace was con- firmed by the Offering up of Chrift, then was this fin i Co- venant made void, the Partition -wall was broken down, Ifracl was no longer a feparate People, therefore no lon- ger a holy People : for their federal Holinefs was nothing elfe but their Separation from the Gentile Nations by this C 3 firft