BV597 W547 v1

30 The Inf caution and Government firft Covenant : And there was no Covenant that ever wa's made with any one Nation fince that by which they were a feparate People. So that there is now no fuch thing as federal Holinefs; nor are the Children of Believers in any Senfe holier than the Children of Unbelievers, pro. vided the Children of Unbelievers, are legitimate. Fourthly, Children in an Infant -State are not capable of the Form by which a Perlon is joined to an inflituted Church, the Form is by mutual Confent and Agreement: Inch are not capable to underhand what is propofed, nor to yield their Affent and Confent. They know not what a Church is, nor what belongs to a Member, either as Matter of Duty or Matter of Privilege Fifthly, They are not capable of anfwering the End of Church Memberlhip,which is to offer up fpiritual Sacrifices acceptable to God by Jefus Chrift. C H A P. V. Containing feine.bguments by which the Independency ofparti- cular Churches is demonflrated, andOljec?ions anjwered. M Y next Work is to fhew that each particular inflitut- ed Church is an independent Church. I do not mean in the ílritefl Senfe, for fo God alone is Indepen. . denti and all the Churches of God are dependent upon him on an outward and fpiritual Account too : But in refped of other Churches they have no Dependency on any Church or Churche,, for any authoritative or judicial Akrl or Adis to be exerted or put forth by them; there is no Inch Thing as inferior or fuperior Churches to be found in the Word; each particular Church is invefled with full Power for the right ordering of themfeives, without depending on other Churches (though brotherly Advice is not hereby denied.) it is one Thing to call in Help from other Churches by way of Advice, and another Thing to hand to their Determination. That