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of a vifible Church of Chr j. 37 The Baptifis alto in their Confeflion of Faith render it, the common Suffragees of the Church : but here are fome Objections that malt be removed out of the Way. Objetl. i. It is true, the Churches chofe their Elders, but the Apoftles'Paul and Barnabas ordained them : for the Word (they) is relative to Paul and Barnabas. I anfwer, z. If this be granted that the Word they be re- lative to Paul and Barnabas, yet it doth not follow that it was done by their Hands. It was done by them, if done by their Appointment and Advice. As Solomon built the Temple, though he wrought not in it himfelf in the Build- ing of it. And Mofes made the Tabernacle, though others were the Workmen. 2. If the Apoftles ordained their Elders, by the fame Argument they chofe them too. Thofe that were the Or- dainers were the Choofers. When they had ordained them Eiders by Eleéïion ; here is both the Matter and the Man- ner, done by the fame Hands.This Ordination was by Votes, or by the common Suffrages of the People, as they that un- derhand the Greek do grant ; and they likewife grant that the Greek Lexicons do fo render it. Now two Men cannot fo ordain; for in Elections there mull be a Majority of Votes. Dr. Hammond confeíl'es that the Word literally fignifieth the Stretching out of the Hand, or holding it up : And that it fignified among the antient Greeks, choofing or giving of Sentence or Suffrages,which in popular Ele&ions, or Courts of Judicature, was done after this Manner. But he would not have it fo taken here, becaufe it was done by Paul and Barnabas by joint Con fent, it being impoflible for two to vote after that Manner. But if the Word Eleílion mull not be taken in its literal Signification, then I can fee no Ufe of it in this Place, but it might as well have been left out in the Greek, as it is in the common Tranflation, and as the Door leaves it out in the Pra5ice. But it feems flrange to me, that the Spirit of God fhould make ufe of a Word, that is altogether infignificant in the Place where it Rands ; that the Elders fhould be ordained by Suffrages, when there was no fuch Thing done in their Ordination: But I fuppofe that Reza and Cartwright, and the Author `of the Greek Lexicon underftood the Signification of the D Word