BV597 W547 v1

38 The Inftitution and Government Word in that Place as well as the Doaor. 3. There are now no Apofiles to ordain, therefore it is now in the Hands of the Church, or it cannot be done; and if it be now in the I-lands of the Church, then it was thereintheApoffles Time, for there is no new Appointment fince the Apoltles Days ; either the Church muff ordain their own Elders, or it cannot now be done. Objet7. z. But fome may fay, Though the Church may choofe their Elders, yet they having chofen them, they muff be ordained by Elders, and not by the Church. I anfwer, r. I have !hewed already that they are the fame Perfons that choofe, that do ordain ; therefore if Elders muff ordain, Elders mull alto choofe. z. If Elders muff ordain, then the Queffion will be, whether it muff be Elders of the fame Church, or Elders of other Churches. if Elders of the fame Church, then at the firft Conftitution of the Church, where there are no Elders already ordained, there can be none, becaufe there are none to ordain them, and moff Churches have but one Elder at one Time ; and therefore H hen he dies, there can be none ordained, to fucceed him. If by the Elders of other Churches, then they cannot be ordained by El- ders as fuch ; for Elders of one Church, or ordinary Elders have no Office -power out of that Church to which they relate ; nor can they aet as Elders in any other. The El- ders of the Church of Ephefus are not the Elders of the Church of Sardis. Ordinary Elders had never the Care of Flocks committed to them ; their Charge is to feed the Flock over which the Holy Ghof hath made them Over - feers, Aäs ;:x. z8. So again, i Pet. vi. 7. feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the Overfight thereof. Oljet'î. Paul tells you that the Care of all the Churches lay upon him, it fhould kern then that he had the Charge of Flocks. I anfwer, The Question is about ordinary Elders, not about Apoltles, whole Miniitry was itinerant, who were not lxt to any particular Church. Paul was an Apof- tle, but ordinary Elders are not Apoltles, nor can they ael as Elders out of the Church by which they were.chofen; therefore they have no Authority to ordain Elders is other Churches. if there be neither Precept nor Preced fot