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46 !The Inflitution and Government of him that hath a fecond Wife, but only the Choice of him that is guilty of Polygamy, having a Plurality of Wives at one Time. 2. He mull have his Heart feafoned with Grace,cTit. i. 5. This is fuch a Qualification as cannot be defpenfed withal by any Means : he mull be holy, that is, he mull be fuch in the Judgment of Charity. Churches have not a judg- ment of Infallibility. If Elders be not gracious, whatever Abilities they have, they do not underftand the Myflery of the Word, that is not attained by natural Abilities, nor yet by acquired Parts: It is a Gift from on high, Mat. xiii. 11. `To you it is given to know the Myßery of the Kingdom of Heaven ; l ut to them it is not given: The Word will be to fuch but as a Parable or dark Saying; the Book will be to them but as a fealed Bock, and they themfelves will be numbred among the ig- norant and unlearned, fuch as wrell the Scriptures, as Pe- ter fpeaks. Such are not fit to preach to others, that do not underftand the Myftery of the Word themfelves, they are but blind Guides at the bell, and not fit for fuch an Undertaking: Nor may fuch as give not good Tokens of a Work of Grace upon their Souls be chofen, if the Rule be regarded in the Choice of them. 3. He mull be apt to teach, I Tim. iii. 2. not only fit to teach in refped of Abilities, but forward alto ; one that is inclined to teach. As a Soldier that is apt to war, is one that is inclinable and forward to go on when an Op- portunity is offered, as well as fkìlful to manage it; there mull be Courage as well as Skill. 4. He mull be one that ruled) well his own Houle, hav- ing his Children in Subjeélion, that is, thofe Children that are at home with him, in his own Family : for if he be not lkilful in ruling his own Family, it is not likely that he Ihould be a Man fit to take care of the Church of God, I Tim. iii. 4, S. S. He muff have a good Report of thofe that are with- out, ver. 7. Leff he fall into Reproach, and the Snare of the Devil. He mutt be free from indulging hitnfelfin Immo- ralities, careful to cut off Occafions from them that watch for Occafions, that fo he may not be juftly charged by them that