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'y:. . ....a.....,.. . of a vifible Churtb of Chrili. 47 that are without, for that,would be a Stumbling-block in their Way, and prove to be a Snare of the Devil's laying, to render his Miniflry the more ineffeéfual. Particularly, he mutt be jutf and righteous in his Deal- ings with others, and fober with refpe5l to himfelf, rit. i. 8. he muff be lober, julf, holy, temperate in eating and drinking, and iti his Apparel. 6. He muff be ready to entertain the Brethren, that fo they may come with Freedom, and have Society with him, and Relief too as the Cafe requires; he muff be a Lover of Hofpitality, a Lover of good Men, rit. i. 8. 7. He muff be found in the Faith, and able to infirtiet others. (t.) He muff be found in the Faith, not only in Fundamentals, but in Points of Lefler Concern too, which yet are not of little Concern, There be many dangerous Errors, as well as Heretics, that he muff endeavour by found Doetrine to convince Men of, T i. i. 9. Holding faß the faithful Word as he hath been taught, &c. If a Man be not found in the Faith himfelf, he will be more likely to corrupt fome, than to convince and flop the Mouths of. others. (z.) He muff have Abilities to dernonffrate the Truth of what he afferts, Tit. i. 9. he muff be able by found DoEtrine to exhort and convince Gainfayers. Object. A. e thefe all the qualifications, that muß le eyed in the Choice of an Elder? Muß he not be a Scholar, and us- derßand theGreek and the Hebrew, be 'killed in Philofophy and other Arts of School - learning, that are held by many to be fo necefary for a i ili nißer ? i anfwer, r. The Qualifications I have fet down are all that I can find in the Word, which is the Rule we are to go by. I know not whither to go for more than are there expreflèd. If this kind of Scholarfhip had been fo neceffary as it was held by fome, 1 think Chrift who was faithful to him that appointed him, and faithful over his own Houle as a Son, would have given us fome Rule for it. z. He mull be a Scholar in ChrilN School, or elfe he is not tit to be a Teacher of others, If he be not taught of God, he is but an ignorant and unlearned Perfon, what- ever other . Schalarlhip he hath attained. 3. Minifterial