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of a vifible Church of Chui/l. 53 from this Church to any higher Power ; hither Things, muff be brought, and here they muff be iffued ; they muff go no farther, and the Sentence that is paff by this Church, which is according to Rule, fhall be owned by Chrift ; what this Church binds on Earth, fhall be bound in Heaven. I hope a Claffical Church will not meddle with that which Chriff hath confirmed, nor go about to untie that which Chriff hath bound in Heaven. It is the fame Church that binds on Earth, that muff loofe on Earth, alto. (z.) I would query, Where we do read of a Reprefen- tative Church in the Word, or what Word there is in all the New Teffament that is of this import ? what Reafon may be rendered why this muff be called a Reprefentative Church ? (3.) Where do you find in Scripture, that the Officers of the Church are called the Church, diffinéf from the Body- of the Members ? I find the People often called the Church diflin& from the Officers, but not that the Officers are any where in Scripture called the Church diffin& from the People. Ads xiv. 23. When they had ordained them Elders it all the Churches, they were Churches before they had Elders; the Church of Ephefus was fo called diftina from their Elders, 23s xx. 17. And from Miletus he Pent to Ephefus, and called the Elders of the Church; but thefe Elders were never called the Church diftinét from the People. And if the Angels of the (even Churches in 4fiia were the Elders of thofe Churches as force,, then there is a clear Diftinftion ; Rev. i. The (even Stars are the Angels of the Churches, and the (even Golden Candlefticks are the (even Churches. (q..) I would query, Whether you do find in Scripture that the Power of Church- Cenfures is in the Hands of Offi- cers ; there Things have been too much taken upon truft: by People, without having the Rule produced. It were well if Perfons would fearch the Scriptures to fee whether thefe Things are fo or no, and not refolve their Faith into a, human Teftimony any longer. G. It appeareth, That the Power of eje ting is in the. Hands of the. Church, in that the Church is charged where: E 3 this: