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¢ The Inffitution and Government this is neglected, i Cor. v. z, 2. I hear that there is Forni- cation among you, and fuch Fornication as is not fo much as named among the Gentiles ; and ye are puffed up, and have not rather humbledyourfelves, that he that hath done this Deed fhculd be taken awayfrom among you. There is likewife a Charge brought againfi the Church of Pergamos, Rev. ii. 14. Thou haft there them that hold the Douirine of Balaam, &c. And thou haft them that hold the Doirine of the Nico- laitans, which thing I hate. This was a charge brought againit them for their indulging them, when they fhould have dealt with them. I have a few Things again(' thee, &c. That this Charge was not brought againft the An- gel, diftinet from the Church (though the Epifile was di- reaed to the Angel to be communicated to the Church (is evident, ver. 17. Let him that bath an Ear, hear what the Spirit faith to the Churches. 3. It appears in that the Church is required to put away from among them the Inceftuous Perfon; the Charge for rejeaing is not laid on the Officers, but on the Church, a Cor. v. 7. Purge out therefore the old Leaven, that you may be a new Lump : ver. 13. Wherefore put away from among yourfebves that wicked Perlon. 4. It appears in that there were many Hands went to the carting out the Inceftuous Perfori : but had it been done by the Officers of the Church, there would have been but a few Hands concerned in it, 2 Cor. ii. 6. Sufficient for fuch a one is the Pun fhment that was ieflitiied by many : Ox Cezfo-re, as the Margin bath it. C II A P.