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of a vr'fible Church of Uri/2. SS C H A P. VI. Containing fever.l .2ueflions and Anfwers concerning the Power of the Church in binding and loofng, and the Or- der cf their Procedure. QUEST. r. Whether it be in the Power of the Church to r jec?t or caji out an Elder in Cafe of Ofince juflly given, chflinately perff ed in, and clearly probed ? I anfwer in the Affirmative, it is in the Power of the Church fo to do. This I íhall clear to you in a few Par- ticulars. 1. Some Member or Members mull begin the Work. Col. iv., 17. Say to Archippus, that he take heed to his ll'1i- nifiy, which he hath received in the Lord, that he fulfil it. But what if he remain negligent, mull he be fo left ? May not a negligent Elder be rejet`led, and is there any Power, that can take fuch a Cafe as this out of the Hands of the Church ? Or is there any Power to bind in fuch a Cafe but in the Church ? The Church of Ephefus was commended for dealing with fome, that did call themfelves Apoilles, and for fearching them out, Rev. ii. 2. I know thy Works and thy Labour, and thy Patience, and that thou can ft not bear them that are evil, and thou haft tryed them that ¡ay they are Apofles and are not, and hall found them Liars. This Trial was made before the Apoftolical Office was ceafed, for yohn that wrote this Epiftle was an Apoftle. 2. It is poiibl° an Elder may become immoral in his Principles, heretical in his Judgment, and fuch a one the Church may deal withal, Rev. ii. 14.. Thou haft there them that hold the Doc`7rine of Balaam, &c. and the Doc'irine of theNicolaitans. This Charge would not have been brought again ft the Church, if it had not been their evil in not purging them out. There is likewife a Charge againft the Church of Tbyatira, becaufe the did fuffer the Woman Jezebel,