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r of a vifible Church of Chri/ 59 and at a lofs to anfwer the Queftion, by what Authority they do thofe Things. Queft. z. Whether the Church is to aä by the fame Rule in dealing with all mifcarrying Members ? I anfwer, rft. As the Word is the Rule we are to go by in all Cafes, fo they are to ad by the fame Rule in deal- ing with every Member, whether it be an Elder, a Father, a Brother, or a Wife. But, zly. There are particular Rules laid down in the Word, with refpe& to particular Cafes that muff be re- garded, and by which the Church muff ad as the Cafe falls out. r. If it be Matter of Fad that is brought to the Church where the Fad is not difputable, nor the Evidence queftion- able; if the Offender do negleft to hear the Church, he is to be cut off without delay, Mat. xviii. t 7. i Cor. v. 12. If any Man that is called a Brother, be a Fornicator, or Covetous, or a Drunkard, or a Railer, with fuch a one no not to eat: Do not yejua'ge them that are 'within ? wherefore put away from among you?felves that wicked Pei/ n. z. When the Cafe is mere Negligence, Slothfulnefs, where Perlons are idle, and will not eat their Bread in the Sweat of their Brows, but would be maintained out of the Churches Stock, the Church is only to withdraw from them, z T'hej/ iii. 6. Withdrawfrom every Brother that walketh diforderly, and not after the Tradition that ye'receiv- ed of us. Ver. 7. For we behaved not our/elves diforderly, neither did we eat any Man's Bread for nought. Here the Apof- tle Both explain what that Diforder is, for which there muff be a withdrawing : It is only the eating the Bread of others for nought. That this withdrawing muff not be ufed in all Cafes of Offence, but muff be reftrided to this Cafe of Idlenefs, is I think clear, (t.) By the Informa- tion that the Apoffles had received; ver. H. We bear that there are f me that walk among you d iòrderly, working not at all, but are Bufy- bodies. (z.) In that the Apoftie gives them an Exhortation, ver. 12. Them that are fuch we ex- hort and command by our Lord jefus Chrift, that with quiet - nefs they work and eat their own Bread. (; ) It appears in that the Apoftle reffriEts it to them that obey not their Word