BV597 W547 v1

i `. fti ti ,¡ bo The In ?itution and Government Word by this Epiftle, ver. 14.° If any Man obey not our Word by this Epißle, note that Man, and have no Company with him, that he may be afhamed : yet count him not as an Ei emy, but admonifh him as a Brother. Now there is no other Branch of Diforder handled in this Epiftie, but this ofIdle- nefs ; therefore to this Diforder only muff this Rule of withdrawing be reftri&ed. In the former Cafe he that is dealt with by the Church is to be accounted as a Heathen Man or a Publican : But here he muff not be accounted as an Enemy, but admonifhed as a Brother. This Rùle is not given to make void the former, but to be obferved in this particular Cafe, which is a Cafe that differs from the former. 3. If it be Matter of Herefy, there is another Rule to be obferved, `Tit. i. to. Him that is an Heretick, after the firfi and fecond Admonition r jei1. If the Church reje& him foon after the firft Admonition, they are too quick : If they flay long before they rejea him after the fecond Ad- monition, they are too flow. Quell. 3. Whether there ought to be the fame procedure by the Church in all Cafes of Offence ? t anfwer in the negative, t. If the Offence be privately given, there muff be private dealing; Matt. xv. is. More- ever, if thy Brother offend thee, go and tell him his Fault le- tween thee and him alone: No Body muff know of it till this be done, no nor afterward neither, if thy Admonition take effe61. If be hear thee, thou haß gained thy Brother ; but if he refufe to hear thee, take with thee one or two more, and if be negle8 to hear them, tell it unto the Church. The firft may not go alone to him the fecond Time : The fecond Admonifhers have done what they are to do by themfelves, and -muff immediately on the firff Opportunity bring it unto the Church : And if he neglet& to hear the Church, then let him be to thee as a Heathen Man, &c. 1 fee no Reafon why the Church fhould delay and try him a fecond, a third Time, and I know not how often, if he negled to hear them ; if the firft may not go alone a fecond Time, nor yet the fecond Admonifhers try him a fecond Time, why muff the Third ? Why muff the Church wait in this Cafe? Nay, if the Church try him a fecond Time, or a third;