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of a vifible Church of Chrifi. 63 with the Vote of the Majority: For inftance, if the Cafe be fuch as is in itfelf indifferent, only there is force Incon- veniency to fo:ne of the Members, which cannot be re- dreffed without a greater Inconvenience to other Members living at a great Diftance one from another. If it be con- cerning Time for Week - days- Meetings, or Place, which are Things indifferent in themfelves, there a lefl'er Incon- veniency muff be fubmitted to, and the minor Part refs fatisfied with the Vote of the major Part: Or elfe I do not fee how the Church fhould come to a Determination in any thing of this Kind. 2. If it be in the Choice of Officers, where fuch as Eland in Competition are both duly qualified for the Work, and no juft Exception to be made againft either : Though the Members have differing Apprehenfions, which of the two may be fitteft, there the Majority mutt carry it, and the minor Part are bound to reit fatisfied in the Vote of the major Part, becaufe it is the Pleafure of God that Elders and Deacons fhould be made and ordained by Votes, A3is vi. ç. Acts xiv. 23. It were to no Purpofe to go to the Vote,, if the Vote may not determine it. 3. If the Majority be corrupt, as fometimes it hath been or may be in Churches, and the Vote fo irregular, . that the Minority cannot clofe with it, but they muff fin a- gainft Light, and thereby diilfonour God and wrong their own Souls ; there the Power lies not in the Majority, nor may the Minority clofe with them, for they mutt do no iniquity, and God will own the minor Part in their non- compliance. Rev. iii. 4. Thou haft a few Names even in Sardis, that have not defiled their Garments, and they /hall walk with me in white. After that great Apoffacy of If- rael to Idolatry, Exod. xxxii. when they madethem a Gol- den Calf, and Worfhipped it, Moles took the Tabernacle of the Lord, and pitched it without the Camp afar off from the Camp, and called it the Tabernacle of the Con- gregation; that was the Congregation that fought the Lord, Exod, xxxiii. 7. Qeff. 6. yYhether the Sifters be a Voting Part of the Church or no? I anfwer in the affirmative, they are. i. The Sifters E 2 are