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64 The Inf itution and Government are an effential Part of the Church as well as the Brethren; the one hundred and twenty Difciples to which the three thoufand were added, flfls'ii. 41. were the Church, the fame Church to which the Lord daily added, 'ver. 47, Now this Church confifted of Sifters as well as Brethren, Ads i. 14. 2. They are equally concerned as to the Welfare of their Souls with the Brethren in the Choice of Elders, and many other Church -alts, that Things may be fo managed as that they may be free from relative guilt. 3. The Rule, Mat. xviii. If thy Brother trefof egainß thee, tell him his Fault between thee and him alone, is not exprefly reftriaed to the Brethren, and I think ought not to be reitriaed to the Brethren, but to be taken indefinite- ly of Members, whether Brethren or Sifters; and if fo, the Sifter, when it is her lotto be offended, mutt proceed till fhe bring it to the Church. 4. The Sifters are not to be put out or withdrawn from when a Cafe is brought to the Church : If they fhould, it would be brought but to a Part of the Church, not the whole. 5. The Apoftle did not exclude the Sifters when he wrote to the Church of Corinth to raft out the Inceftuous Perfon, i Cor. v. 4. 6. We do not find the Sifters were excluded when the Churches ordained them Elders, Ads xiv. 23. They or- dained them Elders by Eledtion in all the Churches ; no Men- tion is made that the Sifters were denied their Vote: We bave not any Inftance in all the New Teftament that ever the Sifters were denied their Vote; nor have we any Reafon to conclude when the Alts of the Church are men- tioned, of which Church or Churches the Sifters cannot be denied to be an effential Part, that the Church is but the Brethren, not the Sifters. Object. The Apojile forbids Women to( peak in the Church, z Cor. xiv. 34. Let your Women keep filence in the Church, for it is not permitted unto them to fpeak; and if they may not fpeak, they may not vote. T anfwer, this Prohibition is not to be extended to all Cafbs; and if fo, then it Teems to be rettrided to the Sub- jea