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66 The Irlitution and Government in the Eye of the Church, when they do eje& a Brother or a Sifter: It is for the Deftrutlion of the Flefh, that the Spi- rit may he laved in the Day of the Lord, i Cor. v. 5. z. The Church hath a Power of loofing as well as binding, which Power is not reftriaed to this or that particular Cafe. And Chrift will own them in the one as well as the other, Whatfever they (hall loofe on Earth, 'hall he loofed in Heaven: There is no Cafe wherein we can apprehend that Chrift hath forgiven, but we ought to forgive for Chrift's Sake alto. 3. We find the Apoftle writing to the Church of Co- rinth to forgive one that had been a great Criminal, 2 Cor. ii. 7, 8. One that had been guilty of Inceft, fuch Fornication as had not been fo much as named among the Gentiles, and had been call out by the Church, and upon his Repentance to confirm their love to him. Queft. 8. What Repentance is that which is fufficient to latisf the Church to receive again a Pefon that bath been jecled? I anfwer, Such as in the Judgment of Charity i fin- lure ; If he repent, forgive him. I do not look upon a bare fay -fo, without any Manifeftation of Grief and Sor- row under the Senfe of Sin, and a Reformation of what bath been amifs, to be fufficient ; the Rule is, if he re- .pent, forgive him. Repentance confiils in a godly Scrrow for Sin, and a turning from Sin : z Cor. vii. to, L1. For godly Sorrow worketh Repentance unto Life, not to be re- pented of: For behold, this felf fame thing that ye forrowed after a godly Sort, What car fuhuf it wrought in you? yea what fear? &c. Care to pleafe God, and fear to offend him for the future. C H A P.