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of a vifable Church of Chilli. 65 je& that was then in Hand, which will come under two Heads : i. They were not permitted to fpeak in a way of Prophefy, but the Brethren might, they might all Pro - phefy one by one. z. They muff not enquire (in the Church) into what was delivered in a way of Prophefy; If they would learn any thing, they mull ak their Hufbands at home. But the Brethren might enquire into it. The Spirits of the Pro- phets are fubje& to the Prophets. That this Prohibition is not to be extended unto all Cafes is evident: For, (t.) A Sifter having difcharged her Duty in private, if it take not, (he mutt tell it unto the Church, and lay open the Circumftances of the Matter, and be a Witnefs in the Cafe. This cannot be done unlefs the be allowed to fpeak in the Church. (2.) A Sifter may be brought under dealing by the Church, and muff (he not fpeak in her own Defence? Muff the be filent whether the be accufed right or wrong, and fo fall under the Cenfure of the Church, not being permitted to fpeak for herfelf? Is there any Law in the Church of Chrift that judgeth a Mem- ber before it hears him ? It is pollible a Sifter may be ac- cufed of Herefy, differing from others in Principles, though the Points held by her be found Doarine ; and mull the not be fuffered to plead her own Caufe, which it may be is the Caufe of Chriff ? Muff the Truth fuffer, and the Sifter fuffer, rather than that (he be permitted to fpeak in the Church ? This I think would be accounted hard Meafure by judicious Men. And if fo, then thofe judicious Men that fo account it, muff reffrift the Prohi- bition to fome particular Cafe; and if fo, what more . likely to be the Cafe or Cafes, than thofe that were han- dled when the Prohibition was given out ? well. I. Whether a Perim jufily ejected by the Church may upon Repentance be received again, whatever the Mut- ter of Fad was for which he Was ejeéled ? I anfwer in the affirmative, he may. Luke xvii, 3. If thy Brother tr f of c again', thee, rebuke him: If he repent, forgive him. i. Excommunication is not to deffrov, but to fave, that is the End of it. And it is one end that Ihould be 3 is VFW. rang- ft_