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of a vzfahle Church of Chrit. 69 Baotifm cloth not form a Perfon a Member of a par. titular iufiitured Church. For, (i.) The Ordinance muff be adininiilered antecedent to Church-Memberfhip, if Chriti's Precepts may be read in Apollolìcal Precedents, and Apollolical Precedents be a Rule for us to walk by. (2.) That which may but once be adminiflered is not the formal conllituti -.g Caufe of Church- Memberfhip; but Bapufìli may be but once adminiftered, therefore it is not the formal con dituting Caufe. A Member may be juftly ejecîed, and upon Repentance received again; but if Bap- tifm were the formal conflituting Caufe, he muff be as often baptized as received. zly. 1 ¡hall handle it pofitively. The formal conftitut- ing Cattle of Church- Mennberfhip, is its mutual Confent and Agreement verbally expreft. [. There mail be mutual Content and Agreement; without this a Per ton is at liberty from any Tie that is up- on him to any particular Church ; he is like a Lamb in a large Place, having none to watch over him, no Shepherd to take care of him ; nor hath any particular Congrega- tion the charge of him, nor is there any Tie upon any particular Congregation to him, there is no Church that hath any Power to call him to an account, or to deal with him in Cafe of Mifcarriage, for he is not under the Dis- cipline of any. Churches have nothing to do to judge them that are without, they can only judge them that are within, t Cor. v. 52, 13. No Body can tell to what Church he relates, nor doth he indeed relate to any. What Church then muff be told of his Mifcarriage, or who is bound to tell it unto any Church? Certainly Chrift hath not left us fo in the Dark, when he faith, Ted it unto the Church, but that we know what Church to complain to, even that fame Church that he Rands a Member of He muff be received a Member of force particular Church, or elfe in Cafe of Offence he cannot be call out from amongíf them ; he that was never in, can never be call out. God brings no Charge againff any Church for not dealing with fcandalous Perfons, unlels thofe Perlons are force Members of thofe particular Churches. The Incestuous Perlon was a Member of the Church,