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70 The Infmotion and Government Church of Corinth, and the Charge was brought againft that Church for that they had not dealt with him, i Cori v. Ye are puffed up, and have not rather humbledyourfelves, that be- that bath done this thing might be taken away from among you. They that held the Doärine of Balaam, and the DoErine of the Nicolaitans, were Members of the Church of Pergamos, Rev. ii. 14, 15. and the Charge was brought against that Church : Thou haft there them. They were among them, they were incorporated into this par- ticular Body. That the formal conftituting Caufe is mutual Confent and Agreement, is evident in the Word, Ifa. lxii. 5. As a young Man marrieth a Virgin, fo fall thy Sons marry thee. In Marriages there is a mutual Cbnfent and Compaa; this Agreement is founded in the very Inftitution of the Church Mat. xv. 19, 20. Again hfayunto you, Where two ofvou (ball agree on Earth touching any thing thatyou (hall afk of my Fa- ther, it (hall be done for you. All the Worfhip of God is fometimes comprehended in this Word Prayer, Prayer be- ing a confiderable Part of the Worfhip of God, and a concomitant of all the Parts thereof. It is written, faith Chrift, my Houfelhall be called the Houle of Prayer, &c. Ver. 20. For where two or three ofyou (ball be gathered together in my Name, there am I in the Mid/t of them. This Chap. . from ver. 15. to the End, treats of Church- concerns ; and this gathering together in Chrift's Name, I look upon to be into a Church - Prate, and I am not fingle in my Ap- prehenfrons. It is alto the Judgment of Robirfon, a Man that God was pleafed to give Light into an inilituted Church, when many other of his Servants were in the Dark in that particular Point, that this gathering in Chrift's Name mull be by Agreement. I do not appre- hend how Perfons can gather together into a Church- flate to worfhip God according to his Appointment but by Agreement. Can two walk together, fo as to purfue the fame End, wile/Sr they be agreed? When Paul was come to 7eruJi lem, he effayed to join himfelf with the Difciples, but they were all afraid of him, and would not believe that he was a Difciple, Ads ix. This thews that this joining muff be by Agreement, there mull be Satisfaction. on