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72 The Inf?itutton and Government aT'efiitnony, if it fpeak not according to that, it is becaufe there is no Light in them. Matt. xxviii. 20. Teaching them to óó. ferve all Things' rwhatfòever I have commanded, you, &e. z. Such as offer themfelves to join, mull content and agree to keep their Places in the Church, as God by his Providence (hall give them Opportunity. The End of Church - Communion is, that God may be Worlhipped by an incorporated Body, i Pet, ii. 5. Ye alto as lively Stoner are built up a fhiritual Houle, to offer up fpiritual Sacrificer acceptable to God by f, firs Chri ?. This End cannot be an- fwered by each Member, unlefs each Member keeps his Place in the Church. An Agreement here is but to per- form that which God hath made their Duty. Not forfaking the ambling yourfelves together, as the Manner of forge is; but exhorting one another, and fo much the more as yeu fit the Day approaching, Heb. x. 25. 3. They mull content and agree to bear their Part of the neceffary Charges of the Church, proportionably to their Ability; for one muff not be eafed and another bur- dened : Bread and Wine mull be bought, the Poor muff be relieved, the Mouth of the Ox that treadeth out the Corn muff not be muzzled. If Perlons will not Confent to this, it is a Sign of Covetoufnefs; for Covetoufnefs con- fins as well in withholding from others more than is meet, as in an inordinate Delire after that which is anotherMan's, The Apoflle exhorts them to make up their Colleaions for the poor Saints, a Cor. ix. 5. and withal that what they did might be Matter of Bounty, not of Covetoufnefs. No Reafon but that of Covetoufnefs can be rendered why a Perlon fhould not bear his Part of the neceffary Charges of the Church proportionably to his Ability. Now a co- vetous Perlon, when known to the Church, is to be call out from among them: 1 Cor. v. 1 1 . If any Man that is called a Brother, be a Fornicator, or Covetous, &c. withfuck a one no not to eat. if a covetous Perlon is to be can out, when difcovered after he be received, by the fame Reafon he is to be kept out, if he do appear to be fuch before lie is received. 4. Hemoft Confent and agree to the Performance of all thofe relative Duties, that are incumbent on him to- wards