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of a tiifible Church of Chriji. 73 wards his Brethren, as the Cafe requires; he mull re- hike, exhort and comfort, and with a Spirit of Meeknefs restore fuch as are overtaken with a fault. That all thefe are the Duties of Members one towards another, I need give no In(tance, they are fo plainly Elated in the Word. 5. He mull confent and agree to fubmit to the Difci- pline and Government of Chrilt in his Church, and in cafe of Mifcarriage to hear the Church fpeaking to him by the Word: For the Church hath no other Rule to go by, they may not make Laws of their own; nor is a Church- Cenfure to be valued or regarded if they have not a clear Foundation in the Word for what they do. There be three Things to be looked at in the Church - Cenfure. (I.) That the Matter of Fa& do deferve a Cenfure, that it be fuch as may not be born with or indulged in the Church. (z.) That the Evidence be full and clear. And, (3.) That the offending Brother, after due Means, ufed to reclaim him, remain Stubborn and Obstinate; If he will not hear the Church, is to be as an Heathen Man, or a Publican. Well then, if a Man mull be call out, that will not hear the Church: Is there not the fame Reafon to keep out him that will not Confent to hear the Church before he be re- ceived ? I delire to know how the Church will deal with him, if he refufe to hear them after his being received, if they can receive him, though he refufe antecedent there- unto. Secondly, The Church mull confent and agree to re- ceive fuch a one into their Communion and Fellowfhip, to enjoy all the Privileges of the Church which is the Houle of God, and to perform all thofe relative Duties towards him, that are incumbent on them by the Word. The Marriage mull be mutual between the Church and each one, that is received a Member by them. 2'hy Sons Jhall Marry thee, &c. Ifa. lxii. 5. Each Member mull enjoy equal Privileges, and confent to the Performance of equal Duties, as the Cafe requires. There is no more Duty to be required of one Member towards another, than there is of that Member towards him, provided the Circumflances of each be alike; nor may aMember be debarred any one Church Privilege, unlefs by his diforderly walking he de- G bars