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of a vfiible Church of Chriß. 8 t Such as have no Change wrought in them, may pro- bably prove very prejudicial to the Church. For (t.) They lie fearfully open to Temptations, hav- ing no fpiritual Armour to defend themfelves, if there be no real change in them; they have not put on the Breaf}- Plate of Righteoufnefs, nor the Shield of Faith, -hy which the fiery Darts of the Devil may Ge quenched. (z.) There is a fubtile and powerful Enemy to afhault them, who will endeavour to make his Inroads into a Church by fuch as thefe. He will make his attempt where there is lean refinance to be made. He entered in- to :Tiaras, and put him upon betraying his Mailer; he baited his delire of gain this Way. He law that he could play the Thief for Money, and now he tries whether he would play the Traitor for Money alto, and accordingly it takes with him. He filled the Heart of filnanias and Sapphira, to lie to the Holy Ghoft (3.) Such have no one Corruption mortified, though poilibly Come Corruptions may be renxained for a Time. There being no Principle of Grace, there can be no fuch Things as.a Work of Mortification begun in the Soul: And when Temptation is fuited to unmortified Corruption, there is Danger that it will loon take. (4.) In joining themfelves to the Church, they do not join in Obedience to the Will of God, nor out of Love to the People of God, nor with any delire to anfwer the Ends of Church - Communion ; for they have no Principle that leads to it, but fome bafe Ends of their own, which Ends they will endeavour to purfue; and fo by their Mifcarriages, which they are not likely to be free from long together, they will fill the Hearts of thofe that are fincere with Grief, and their Hands with Work. (r.) They will fill their Hearts with Grief, that there fhould be fuch Mifcarriages among them, by which the Name of God is difhonoured, and the Ways of God evil fpoken of. Many walk, faith the Apoftle, of whom I have told you often, and now fellyou even weeping, that they are the Enemies of the Crof of Chrifl ; their God is their Belly, their Glory is their Shame, their end is Defiruäion, they mind earth- ly Tbinzs. The Ways of God are evil spoken of, and Sin - ners