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8o The In/iiitution and Government The firft Thing then that I would caution Churches to beware of, is, That they do not fet the Door of the Santtu- my too wide; we fhould take the Meafure of the going in- to the Houfe as exaaly as we fhould Meafure the going out thereof. When the Man with the meafuring Line in his Hand came to the Temple, Ezek. iv. i z, the firft thing he meafured was the lofts of the Door, the Sides, and the Breadth and the Height thereof. And when the Houle was to be ¡hewed to the Houfe of Ifrael, and the whole Edition thereof, that they might meafure the Fafh- ion thereof, Ezek. xliii. io. i t. He was to thew them the goings out thereof and the goings in thereof. So that we had need to take the juft Meafure of the Door by the Word, that it may not be too wide. If you afk me when the Door of the San tuary is too wide: I anfwer, when it lets in fuch as are not vifible Saints, fuch as we have no ground to conclude, neither by their Profeflion nor Converfation, that there is any real change wrought in them. I would offer here a few Things to be confidered. t. Such cannot be Paid to be added by the Lord, and therefore not to be received by the Church. Such as are added by the Lord are fuch as fnall be faved, 11íís ii. 47. And the Lord added to the Church daily fuch as fhould le laved. They are not added according to the Lord's Pre - fcription ; Pfal. xxiv. 3. Who ¡hall afcend into the Hill of God, and who 'hail flandin his Holy Place? He that hash clean Hands and a pure Heart, &c. Such are the Worfhip- pers that God feeks for. z. Such as have no change wrought in their Hearts will be but little advantage to the Church when received: like a glafs Eye in the Head, or a wooden Leg in the Body, there can be no fpiritual Communion with them, what- ever outward Communion there may feem to be. Did 1 fay, like a glafs Eye or a wooden Leg ? Truly the Simili- tude is too high. A glafs Eye, though it bath not a lee. ing faculty, yet it is for Orrì ament : But fuch Members are not an Ornament, but rather a Shame to the Church. The Body may reft on a wooden Leg, but there is no trait to be put to fuch Members as thefe. 3. Such