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of a v fble Chw h of Chrifi'. S 5' Some have known the holy Scriptures from their Child- hood, and fo their Change, as to Time and Means, is not fo perceivable as others. Others it may be are but of little ftanding in Religion, and large Experiencerequiresa large Time of (landing in Profeon, in Order (o the attaining of it. What if the molt that they can fay in point of Ex- perience be this, They know that they were blind, now they fee; they were ignorant of Chrilt in his Natures, in his Offices; they could fee no Beauty or Excellency in him, wherefore they fhould delire him: But now Jefus Chrift is precious to them, precious in his Natures, in his Offices, in his Death, RefurreEtion, and Afcenfion, precious in his Inter- ceflion. Is not this a Sign of Faith? t Pet. ii. 7. 7oyou that believe he is precious. If they can experience that Sin was once loved and delighted in, but now they hate it ; is not this a Sign of the Fear of God?' Prov. viii. i 3. The Fear of the Lord is to hate Evil, &c. If they can experience this, that the People of God that once they hated, are now be. come the C1- ,,ieEts of their Love, is not this a Mark or Cha- ratter of their being difcìpled unto Chrift? John xiii. 35. By this ,hall all Men know that ye are my Di/c:ples, if ye hove love one to another. 'l'he. new Birth is certainly paff on the Soul, where there is hncere Love to the Brethren. 3. NoMi (carriage, eitherof a former or a latter Date, if truly repented of, may block up the Way to Communion. (t.) Not ofaformerDate, Imeanfuch as precedes the Date df Converfion: t Cor. vi. i i. Such were fine ofyou, butye are waked, &c. What were they ? I anfwer, Fornicators, Adulterers, Is' eminate, Ai ufers of themfelves with Mankind, Idolators, Drunkards, rbieves. 'Thefe were great Immorali- ties, but being repented of, they were no Bar to Com- munion. (2.) If Mifcarriages be of a later Date, fnce Converfion, if repented of, thefe may not block up the Way to Communion: Luke xvii. 3. If he repent, forgive him. If a Perlon that is in Communion be guilty of Riff- carriage,, and do indeed repent, he is not to be call out. By the fame Reafon that one is not to be call out, the other may not be kept out: The Inceftuous Perfon being call out, he was as if he had never been received in ; yet upen Repentance was received again, z Cor. v. 6, 7. H 4. Indigency