BV597 W547 v1

f`6 The lnfiitution and Government Indigency or Poverty may not block up the Way ; though the Church do forefee that fuch are like to be bur - denfome to them, they may not Phut the Door againflthem to prevent it. The Lord hath made other Provif on in this cafe ; he bath appointed Officers, Deacons, to look after the Poor, and Churches, according to their Abilities, are to relieve them, and fhould truft him who miniflers Seed, and multiplies the Seed Town, for the increafe of Abi. lities by which they may be able to relieve them, and take Encouragement from the Promife fo to do. The Lord hath Paid, that he that fo weth bcuntifuly(hall reap bountifully; but he that will fow but fparingly can expe&t no other but to reap fparingly. Thirdly, Churches had need beware, that they do not indulge Immoralities in them, nor in any one Member thereof. t. Confider, Churches duly conflituted in the &rfl Place, may in Time grow negligent of their Duty, and may be to Indulgent in this particular; that which hath been may be, but this hath been, therefore it may. The Church of Corinth let alone the Incefluous Perlon, did not bring him under dealing, till the Apofile roufeth them up to their Duty, by giving them a fnarp reproof, chargingthem to put awayfrom among them that wicked Perfon; yet though they had fuch fair warning in this Cafe, and had been brought to a Seufe of their Evil, and had been humbled under it, z Cor. vii. 8, 9, io. they forrowed after a godly Sort; the Effea of which was Carefulnefs to pleafe God, and, Fearfulnefs to ei` end; yet it was not long after before they fell into the fame Mifcarriage, and became guilty of the like Indulgence; z Cor. xii. zo. I fear, faith Paul, that when I come among you fhall not fndyoufuck as I would, and that I Jhall be found of you fuck as you would not ; left there he Debates, Backbitings, Whifperings, Swellings, Tumults, Envyings, Wrath, Strife. Are not thefe Immoralities? If this be not clear enough, read the next Verle ; And left when I come again, ny God will humble me among you, and that I (hall bewail many who have finned already, and have not repented of their Uncleanne_t, and Fornication, and Lafcivi- ozfJ fs, rwhith they have committed. What a heap of 1m- pieties