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of a v f ble Church of Chr. $ 7 pieties are there here committed and indulged? The Church of Pergamos likewife had Inch among them as held the Doc- trine of Balaam, and of the i icolaitans, fuch as were principled to Idolatry and Fornication, and that did en- deavour to principle others. 2. It is an evil for Churches to indulge Immoralities, as it is a neglea of Duty and a breach of Rule. If any Man he a Fornicator, or Covetous, or an Idolator, or a Drunkard, ora Railer, with fuck a one no not to eat : Put away therefore from among you that wicked Per /n, and purge out the old Leaven, that you may le a new Lump, i Cor. v. 3. If Immoralities are indulged, God will have a Contro- verfy with fuch Churches, fooner or later. I have fome- what againß thee (faith God). It was this finful Indul- gence that God had to charge them with, Rev. ii. ta.. Now if God does once commence his Aaion againft a Church, he will go on with it ; if he begin, he will alfo make an end, he will either reform or unchurch them. Rev. ii. S. Remenz':erfrom whence thou art? alien, and repent, and do thy ftli Works; or el/e I will come unto thee quick, and remove thy Candleflick out of its Place, unlef thou repent, He calls upon every Church, againft whom a Charge is brought, to repent. And when the Lord goes thus far, I am apt to think he will go farther, he will not fpare one Church more than another; therefore it is good for him that hath an Ear, to hear what the Spirit faith to the Churches. 4. Immoralities indulged in a Church ltrike at the Ef fence and being of a Church, as theEflence is confidered as the Matter of a Church. The Matter of a Church I have (hewed already are viíble Saints, fuch as in thejudgment of Charity are inherently holy; but Immoralities indulged will loon deftroy their vifible Sanctity. (t.) It ftrikes at the Effence of a Church in refpe& of the fpreading and fouring Nature thereof. Know you not, faith the Apofile, that a little Leaven leaveneth the whole Lump ? There is no way to prevent its fpreading, but by purging it out. Perfons are in danger to leaven by evil. Examples, though they are too back ward in following that which is good. yofeph being in Pharaoh's Court, had learned to fzvearby ¿he Life of Pharaoh. Ifrael were ming- H a led