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90 The Inßitution and Government mention the Abfurdities that follow this Principle, to be ferioufly confidered. z ft. Such as receive Children into an Inflituted Church,. receive them to Communion with themfelves, and yet do not allow themCommunion in any one Church - Ordinance peculiar to the Church; nor have they more Communion with them than they have with thofe that are without, fuch as they then-Selves do look on as no Members. I fpeak of the flriaeft of them, fuch as take in no more than the Children of Inch as are Church - Members. As for Bap - tifm, it is not an Ordinance of an Inflituted Church, nor is it adminiftred as Inch, that ought to be adminiftred an- tecedent to ChurchMemberíhip.The Jaylor and his Houfe were not Church Members (that is, not of an Inílituted. Church)when they were baptifed, nor yet the Eunuch, nor the three Thoufand, 44as ii. 41. I cannot but look on this as an Abfurdity, to receive them as Members, and not admit them to Communion with them in any Ordi- nance peculiar to the Church ; feeing we have no pre- cedent under the Gofpel- Difpenfation, of one Member that was ever debarred a Church-Ordinance, unlefs by his ir,liforderiy walking he gave the Church occafion to debar him,which muff in fuch a Cafe be done by a Church -Cen- fure: Now here is-no Cenfure, no Communion. The whole Chur-ch, ih1lr ii. 42. continued in the tIloftlet Dolirine and Fe11owAip, and breaking of Bread, and Prayer. But what Iellowthip bath any Church with thefe Infant Members? or what Fellowfhip can they have with them ? I do not find one Member ofthe Church of Corinth debarred Com- munion with the Whole in the Supper; i Cor. x. i6, 17. The Cup of B.'eng which we bief , is it not the Communion cfthe Blood of Chrift ? the Bread which we break, is it not the Communic s of the Body of Chriß ? for we being many, are cue Bread, and one Body, for we are all partakers of this one' Bread. How could the Apofile make good this, if all their Children had been a Part of that one Body, and not one of them permitted to take of that one Bread? either their Children did partake of that-one Bread, or elfe they were no Part of that one Body. A a Abfurdity is this; They are owned as Members of