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of a vif h ie Church of ChriiI. 91 of the Church, but never brought under Dealing in their Childhood, whatever Illifcarriagesthey areguilty of; they are Church Members, but not brought under the Difci- pline of the Church ; not one rule ofDifcipiine laid down in the Word, that ever is obferved or put in praEice with refpe& to Children. What Church - Member ever con- cerned himfelf to go to them in private, and to tell them their Faults; and if they did not hear him, to take one or two with him; and if he did not hear them, to tell it unto the Church ? Produce an Inflance of one Church, that ever obferved that Rule, with refpe& to thefe childifh Members. Either they are no Members, or elfe Churches are altogether negligent of their Duty towards them. But grant they are no Members, yet Churches cannot plead not guilty, while they own them to be fuch, and yet not concern themfelves with any of their Mifcarriages ; own them to be Members, and yet never deal with them as Members. A 3d Abfurdity is this : They are never dealt with by the Church, when grown up to Years of Difcretion ; though never foprophane,, Swearers, Drunkards, unclean Perfons, they are never brought before the Church in order to be reformed or rejeaed, but remain Church - Members to their dying Day, if ever they were fuch. What a deal of Immo- rality is there then indulged in fuch Churches ? If thefe be Church - Members, there is not only a little Leaven in fuch Lumps, but a great deal ; it may be three Meafures of Leaven to one Meafure of Meal. A 4t1.ß Abfurdity is this : If God touch any of their Hearts with a Senfe of their Duty, fo as to delire Commu- nion with the Church in the Supper of the Lord, they re- ceive him after the fame Manner as they would the Child, of an Alien, or the Child of a Pagan. They muff make a Confefliion of their Faith, give an Account of their Expe- riences, come under the fame Engagements : But what need all this, or any of it, if they were Members of the fame Church from their Infancy ? He was never call out, why mull he now be received ? What rule do you go by when you receive fuch as were Members before ? Here is no Addition made to the Church by fuch as thefe. If you fay,