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92 The Inftitution and Government fay, they are now added by the ,Lord: Then I would afk, by whom ? the fame Perfons were added in their Infancy The Lord adds none to the Church that were Members of the fame Church before. Where do you ever read of a Perlon twice added to the Church, that was added before,. and then added again, having not been cart out ? I do not. offer thefe Abfurdities to fhame thofe whole Principle and. Praflice it is, but to warn thofe who are at prefent free: both in Principle and PraEtice, to be careful for the fu -. ture that they remain free. Fi "thly, Churches had need be careful, they do not affeh a. Legiflative Power, a Power of making Laws to govern by.. There is the Principle of that old Corruption in us, that, firft began to work Mifchief in the World. Men would be as Gods, rather govern than be governed. 1. Confider, there are a great many that profefs them (elves the Churches of Chrift, that have too much affe&ed this Legiflative Power; fome have grafped it into their. Hands, as appears by thofe Volumes of Canon Laws that are extant, the &.reach of which, if not each of them, ex- pofes their Members to Excommunication. Others have striven after it, but through Mercy can not yet attain it. z. To affetl a Legiflative Power, is to affed an Ufurpa- tion, I may fay in refpedof the Government ofthe Church in Ecclefiaf ical Affairs. The Lord is our fudge, the Lord is our Lave iver, the Lord is our King, and he wilt lave us. la- civil Things I grant the Magistrate bath a Legiflative- Power, and Churches as well as others are bound to obey, them, and that for Confcience fake ; but in Matters of Religion Conference is immediately under the Kingly Office of Chrill, who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. 3. There is no need for Churches to make Laws : Chrifb bath made enough to their Hand; there is no Cafe that can fall out, but there is fàme Rule or other reacheth that Cafe, Tome Law or other is fuited to it ; there is a Rule to deal with Hereticks, and a Rule to deal with immo- ral Perlons, and alfo to deal with filch as are idle and bufy Bodies, that would eat the Bread of others for nought: The Church may withdraw from force, and they may rejea others, fa- that Churches may very well content themfelves with