Wright - BT300 W8 1788

iv P R E F A C E. perfuaded is the moft elegant and heft fize for the purpofe, and what will, I doubt not, be approved of by the generalityof perfons, in preference to any other. This Workwill convey divine knowledge to all ranks of people, retify errors which too many are apt to run into, reprefent real religion in it's native colours, as taught byCHalsT himfelf, and enable even the moft ignorant Chrïf tian to give an account of the faith that is in him, if called upon on any occafion. The facred writings of the Evangelios, &c. have not only been carefully con- rutted, and the refpeaive accounts fyftematically defcribed, fo as to make this Work an Harmony of the Gofpels, but prophane authors, of undoubted autho- rity, who were co-temporaries with the Evangelios and Apoftles, have furnifh- .ed us with a variety of ufeful particulars relating to our Bleffed SAVIOUR, not included in the Scripturehiftory. Theevidence which Jofephus bears to differ- ent parts of Our REDEEMER'S Life, has alfo been faithfully preferved, together with the Jewifh.cuffoms, offices, and feats; every other writer (ancient and modern) on the fubje&, diligently perufed; and no trouble or expence ípared to render this Work, in every refpe&, the moft Complete and Perfel of it's kind: being happily calculated to convey to the inquifitive mind, a perfea knowledge ofour holy religion, to promote a firm faith in the merits of our Holy REDBEV- ER, and to recommend the pradtice ofevery Chriftian virtue. The chronologi- cal and geographical parts are likewife minutely attended to, and the errors which others have fallen into are occafionally pointed out. I (hall in this Pre - face be very brief, and only mention a few things more ; and may they be at- tentively confidered by all perfons, old and young. Thefubjed of the Life of Our Bleffed REDEEMER, is of the utmoft confequence to every one, anddemands our molt ferious regard; for, as the great Apoftle fays, Chryl hath fuffered for us, leaving an example to us, that we might follow his fleps : He calls himfelf the Way, the Truth, and the Life : He not only redeems our fouls from death to life, but enlightens and leads all his faithful followers in the paths of fafety, to a happy eternity. The anfwers which I have given to Atheios, Deifts, and In- fidelity in general, I hopewill be of the molt fatisfactorynature tomy readers, and fuch as will build them up in their molt holy faith. The examples of the holy Apooles, Evangelios, Difciples, and other eminent perfons, and primitive mar- tyrs (allo given in this Work) will likewife afford great inffruaion to every reader; and the practical improvements and doctrinal remarks, interfperfed throughout the whole, will be carefully applied to the faith and duty of every believer. PAUL WRIGHT. Old Things arepeed away; behold, all Thingsarebecome new, 2 CoR. Chap.V. Ver.17- N. B. The Proprietor-begs leave to refer thofe whowith to be further fatisfied refpeting the Author's chi- lilies, and the elegant executionof the following part of this WORK, to The Rev. Dr. Wright's Complete Brit%/z FAbitLY BIBLE ; being aNewUniverfal Expolition and Commentary on the HOLY ScusrTU rtes, now publishing weekly, and tobe completed in eighty numbers ; which, on account of thefuperion excellency of the Notes, heatttifidPrinting, large newTypes, and magnificent Copper-Plates, rencagreat honour toall parties concerned; the beginning numbers already publifhed, being univerfally approved throughout this kingdom. T H E