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to theReader. all men come 9 to Chrifl, i f they woHldblue life,andby him r unto the Father, endabide in fcommunionwith them both that they g may be tfound in him, and ham' the ji,'flice Which is ofgod through faith;thar they may V know him,and the verttre ofhis refrredi- on, and the fellowlhip of his ofiUions; and be made conformableanto "his death : this is as thefail andgreat commandement of the law, andthefecond is like unto it, that they f else w theplace wloich hehath chofen to pert his name there, er x lour theplace where hp honour dwel!eth, Where he Y feedeth ca._s- feth( h isflock) to y downe at noon; that thither they bring 7, their riches , their, glory and honour, that ofeveryfuck me theLord may count When he writeth the people, a He was borne there ; that fo being b Chrifis, andchildrenof thefree woman, andheyres bypromif ; they may C receitte forgiuenes of f nnes , and inheritance among' themwhich are fandifaed by faith in him : for he bath fayd , that, d his EleaPail inherit, his moHntayne , andhisfervantsfhall dwell there. Bat, two things there are , Which Will .binder our feete from running this way , 3 ifWe q Mat. IT. 28 r 14, 6. f y 1oñ. 1,3. r PhiI. , 9. verfé. D. wi;ettt. x 2,5 x Plat. 6 g° v Song. 1,6. z f.í. 6o. : . Ztcv. aÏ'i11.S ,6. - 7 bc;al .,,z9. 4.2,6. z s. ;x. cAft.26,r8 dlfa, 65.9, ,_