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CHAP. VIII. 83 deeds and cruel! fpeakings ; when God fhould come to giue judgment, with ten `thoufands ofhis Sainas. 6. But neyther his word whereby he admonifhed his deople nor yet -his fpi- rit which h íhroue in them; could re- h Gen. 6,;. ftreyn them from being commingled with the profane, and Serpents feed: for i they coupled themfelues in mariage i year z. with their fayr woman, whereby there kyer(C,q,i3 !prong a tyrannous race of k Giants, by whom the earthwas filled withcrueltie. That God teeing how his children were degenerate& become alto 1 flefh, & that I Vfr¡e;. m the wickednes of man was wexen m ver ees. great n repented that he. had made man in the carth,andwas fory in his heart: yet n verfe 6. warned them againe by ° Noah, a prea- o Gett.6,r;, cher of righteoufnes , & by the building 14. zpet. z>5 of the ark i zo yeeres : which patience they contemning, God brought the good upon the world of the ungodly, and deftroyed them,onelyNoah and his houlewere referved, findinggrace in the eyes of the Lord. 7. Yet euen in that litle family of eight foules, fo wondroufly laved in the F i water