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p IPet.3,20 2I. q Gen.9, 2^ 24) 25. tGttz. a I, 27 vzofb.24,2. a Lcv.17,7 clew.32,i7, a COY.IO,2o. y Gen. I2, 11, AFt.73 z Z,ß. a. ifa 29,22 84 CHAP. VIII. water as P by a Baptifire ; the Serpent hadhis feede fill , which in procefle of time was difcovered , in the perfonof Cham and his pofteritie, and by .the Pa- triarch qNoahwas accur fed. Whichwic- ked broode to Bette themfhies a name, went aboute to builde a tower up to heaven, in r the land ofShinar, theplace and habitation of f rvickednes ; where God confounded their lips , ícattred them from thence , fayed their proud building , andBabci or Confirfon is their monument to this day. And when not onely Chams curled progeny, but a1Co the feed ofblared Sem,euen t Terah the father of Abram, &Nachor fell to ido- latrie, and V they ferved other Gods, or rather indcede, Divils, as the X fcripturc alto nameth them ; then God called Abram fromhis countrie , kinredand fathers houfe, to oo into the landwhich he would Phew him ; unto which calling he 7, by fayth obeyed, and departed, not knowingwhither he went. S. TheLord who was the callerand a redeemer of Abram , Gave him two gracious pr'omiies,to .confirme his fayth; as