Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

S6 CHAP. VIII. i o. Againe , unto Ifaakwereborse 1 Gen. 25. i Efau and Iaakob ; but God m loved Ia- m Rom.9, 23 kob, and hated Efau ; and he alfo dege- nHell. zz,z6 negated and becameprofane; n fold his o > G s 27. birthright, and U loft his blaring , and 3, -'4 was p feparated from his brother Iaa- Aril .24,4. kob , unto whom alone the blefling of Abrahamwas derived. r r . Ia.akob (whofe name was Ifrael) q G0n.35, bung willed of God to buildhim q an altar at Bethel before he would doe it, had a care to purge his houibould of the falfeGods wherewith they were defiled, r whogiving himboth their Idols , and idolatrous jewels he fhid them under an oke at S ichern , for he knew that the worfhip ofGod, and ofIdols couldnot fland togither. Afterwards he went with t Ge:t.46, z, his familie by the t word of the Lord 3&C. fromCanaan into Egypt, and was a fo- ePa.ro5,z3 journer in the e land of Cham : where £xod. r,7. God f multiplied his church exceeding- ly , as he had promifed toAbraham his friend. There when the Ifraelites forgate the Lord their God, anddefiled them- g Eze.2o, 7, felues with the Idols ofEgypt : g he re- called them by his word from thole abomina-