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CHAP, V I-I. 87 abominations,and h had almof defrroy- h Ezxk. so, ed them for their difobedìence. But re- 8,9. fpeding his owne name and glory , he ceafed not to vifit them, firí} by his i pu- i Exod.i, ;3. nihments, then by his k promifes c mi4 &2,23 racles ; till he had wonne them againe k Exo.4,30. unto his i fayth and fervice. í yeti( 31. 12.. Then bringing them forth from that both fpirituall and corporall bon- dage, and executing judgements upon theEgyptians and upon their m Gods; he m Nn»t. 33 certified Ifrael of his ende and purpofe 4ód. herein , whichwas to n bring them ton Exo.;g,4 hirnfelf,that they might heare his voyce, 5. and keepe his covenant, and be his chief treafure aboue all people, though all the earth werehis. Charg ng them , not to doe c after the doings of the land ofE- ff Lcro.t!,;, gypt wherein theydwelt,ncyther to cede. 4 after the manner of the land of Canaan, whi ther hewould bring them, nor walk in their ordinances ; but to doe after his judgements and keepe his ordinances to walke in them, for he was the Lord their God;& to this end had p feparated them 24Lew 2e, 23 from other people , euen from .atnowg call people ache eat th didhe f parate giking 8,53 F 4 them