Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

38 .CHAP. VIII. them unto himfelfe for an inheritance. peat. Wherefore hecommanded r themuttçr- 2) ; ly to deftroy thofe curled nations; to. make no covenant with them, nor hale companion on them,nor makemariages f°per r 4. with them : for they would f cause then to turne freix Iìw, e ferue other Gods, which would be ro their deftrecion Cba. zZz,3. , verfee S. alto willed them to c abolina all their idola- , trie , with thenames and monuments of the fame; for that they were anholy people unto him. r 3 . treatingwith Ifiael Offer- vinc,, theLord in uprightnes and trueth, vlbf9.24,14 v exhorted them to put away the Gods which their fathers had ferved in Melo- potamia and in 4Egypt; and fo to ferue xverfe the Lord , whome hecalleth x holy and j cdms, that would. not pardon their quity or their hnnes , if they flzould fur- fake him , & ferue ítrange Gods. And when the people made choice of the Lord, to fe ue him ; he%required them cr e a3. againe,'.Y to put away the ftrange Gods that were among them : teaching them and us thereby, that Gods true worfhip, and the fervice ofIdols , cannot be joy ncd