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C HAP. VIII. 89 ned togither, but the one w ill expel' the of per. \VErich law e when they kept not, but worfdped the Gods of the peoples round about them, and fo forfooke the Lord: z his wrath was hot against them, and he delivered them into the hands of fpoylers that 1poiied them,& they could no longerRand before their enemies; yea theLord would no morecalf out before them a any of th nations which Iolbua left when he died. Againe whenSamuel reconciled them unto the Lord ; b he in b like manner firfl procured them to put 4 away their falfe religion, (which was the catnfe of their calamitie ,) and to direa their harts unto theLord, and ferue him onely. 14. Neyther did this warningof I- dolatrie refpe& the idols of Canaan onely,but the falfe religions ofall other peoples, neer or farce off, for any other i God be ides or with lehovah they might not haue or ferue. Therefore, though they had no commiflìon to root out any idols face thofe in Canaan , be- caufe that fhould be their nl poflèfiion ; yet were they to n avoyde communion F with z Inds. a,tz i;si4. aver'. z Y. i Sam.y.3. .;c 1 Exod.ZO,Z, 3. 4. S an n deut. 29 , 16. 17. Y$.